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To give you some background, my name is Kyle and I am a youth motivational speaker and book author. My mission is to inspire high school and college students to think differently about preparing themselves for the real world that awaits them.

I graduated college almost ten years ago. Since then, I have worked several different jobs with all sort of people. However, no matter who I was working with, one trend kept popping up. It appeared to me that everyone I worked with disliked their job and were dissatisfied with the type of person they had become.

After doing my own research, I discovered that one of the major reasons so many people feel this way is because they were not prepared for the next steps in their lives. They did not understand the importance of being prepared for college and the real world. The result was being thrown into a world they knew nothing about, taking a job they did not want, and ended up living a life they never intended on living.

This blog is designed to tackle the various topics associated with this topic and corresponding issues. As I said before, the mission behind everything I do is to inspire students and make sure they are inspired to take control of their future and determine what type of person they want to become!

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Kyle Grappone

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