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The Sunday Scaries

One of the main reasons I started this journey and what drives me to continue is the alarming trend of people hating what they do for a living. The majority of people you talk to on a regular basis dislike their jobs and in turn wish their lives away, waiting for 5 pm or for Friday afternoon. Furthermore, it seems that because everyone participates in this behavior, that it has become normalized. As I began to analyze this type of behavior, I began to learn a new phrase that people who dislike their jobs constantly use. The Sunday Scaries.

I have discovered in my research that people often use the term Sunday Scaries to describe the way they feel on a Sunday evening, knowing they have to go to work the next day. It’s a terrible thing to dislike your job so much that you feel afraid to go to it. Furthermore, we are taking the small amount of time we get away from our job and using it to worry and get upset over our job. This worrying will not change anything and yet the majority of us do it anyway. The Sunday Scaries should not be normalized and it should not be accepted.

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You shouldn’t dislike something so much that you come down with a weekly feeling of ill and worry. Work may be stressful at times and it is understandable to be sad that a weekend with friends and family is now over. However, if you dislike something so much, you need to know that you can do something about it. Not only do you have the power to make that change, you deserve that change as well. You deserve to be happier than you currently are. You deserve a job and a way of life that does not make you sick with worry every Sunday night.

The idea that it is okay to feel this way is the exact problem we as a society are facing. We have normalized this type of behavior and convinced ourselves it will never change and that we don’t deserve better. We need to stand up and say “I deserve better than this. I am smart and talented and I deserve to make a living that allows me to enjoy every day of my life, not just the first half of the weekend.”. We need to declare that something like the Sunday scaries is unacceptable and if we feel this way we must make a change. We must decide that we are going to change what it is that makes us feel this way or we are going to change our mindset and the way we look at our job.

Work is stressful and it is not always fun. However, if it takes up over half of our week and the majority of our life. We deserve to enjoy our lives outside of work, not have our lives diminished or interrupted by constant worrying and unhappiness. The Sunday scaries are not okay, and you need to do something about it. You deserve better.

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