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“What Type Of Person” Interview Series with Diana Tarello

Welcome back to the ‘What Type Of Person’ interview series where we speak with someone who discovered early on what type of person they wanted to become and then pursued a career that aligned with that person.

This week we are interviewing Diana Tarello. Diana is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to working and your career. She is also the only person I have ever heard say “I love working!”. I also wanted to interview her for this series because she is a nurse and that is a very challenging and rewarding career.

Please enjoy my interview with Diana Tarello

What is your current occupation?

I am a Registered Nurse.

In your own words, what would you say is your “passion” as it relates to your career?

My passion has always been to work hard to accomplish my goals. I also noticed along the way that I enjoyed helping other people.

What inspired you to pursue this passion and your current line of work?

When I was 16 my goal in life was to become a NYC Rockette. My father though told me I should go towards something that I would truthfully be successful in.  At the time my grandfather was in the hospital and I spent a decent amount of time around the nurses. It caught my attention and I thought I could see myself being a nurse. It seemed like a good career choice.

When did you discover this passion?

It was not until I was in nursing school and doing my bedside clinicals that I really realized that

I was meant to be a nurse.  More specifically I realized that my passion was in the labor and delivery unit. It just clicked that this is what I was meant to do.

Have you held previous jobs that did not align with this passion?

I was a camp counselor during the summer in between college semesters.  It was a fun job but I knew I never wanted to be a teacher from that experience.

What would be your advice to someone who wants to pursue this line of work?

Every single job is going to have it’s good days and it’s bad days. I think it’s important to find something you are passionate about because it really makes you feel rewarded after a days work. Even if I have a tough day at work I feel accomplished that I was able to do something productive. Nursing is a career for someone who is hard working, kind but still has thick skin. It’s also a great career for someone who wants to have a career but also be a mother.

Is there anything else about your passion or career you would like to share with the reader?

Becoming a nurse was the best decision I ever made in my life. It opened up so many doors for me and really has made me a happy person.


I always challenge students to choose the type of person they want to become. Diana has become the type of person who not only helps people but has found a career which rewards her for her hard work and determination.

An important takeaway from this interview is that at first, all Diana knew was that she wanted to become the type of person who works hard towards their goals. Later on, is when she discovered that she also wanted to become the type of person who helps people who are sick and in need of care. She is proof that if you follow your passions, you never know where it might lead you.

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