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Kyle Grappone, Public Speaker and Book Author

Becoming The First You

About 15 years ago, there was a highly anticipated professional wrestling match between two of the best wrestlers in history, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. The storyline of this match was that growing up, Jericho idolized Michaels, but now wanted to surpass him and become the better performer. It was […]

Instagram is a Dirty Liar

Full disclosure, I love Instagram. It is by far my favorite social media platform. There are no awkward friend requests, political statements are usually kept to a minimum, and the entire platform is built around the beauty of photography and letting images, not words, tell the story. However, as great […]

The Sunday Scaries

One of the main reasons I started this journey and what drives me to continue is the alarming trend of people hating what they do for a living. The majority of people you talk to on a regular basis dislike their jobs and in turn wish their lives away, waiting […]

The Monetization of Misery

Every talk I give, every blog I write, is centered around why I talk about what I talk about. I started this journey because of the alarming trend of people who hate their jobs and how society has normalized this behavior. You are expected to hate your job and most […]

What Type of Person Will You Become?

The task of applying to and getting accepted into college can be a challenging one. Deciding how far away you want to go, what type of loans you can afford, writing essays and taking campus tours can be an arduous process. It’s not easy deciding where you will attend school […]