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“Type of Person” Interview Series with Amy West

Welcome to the ‘What Type Of Person’ interview series where we speak with someone who discovered early on what type of person they wanted to become and then pursued a career that aligned with that person.

This week we are interviewing Amy West. Full disclosure, Amy was the inspiration for starting a series like this. We met on a networking app, and she was so passionate about her line of work. As anyone who follows my work knows, the foundation of my message is to inspire students to figure out “What type of person do you want to become?”.

Please enjoy my interview with Amy West!

What is your current occupation?

College student pursuing an Associates in Human Development and Family Studies and a Bachelors in Psychology (the Children or Families end of both degrees)

In your own words, what would you say is your “passion” as it relates to your career?

My passion is to give back to the community. I plan to do this by showing children who are going through foster care or similar situations that it does get better. I want to be able to use my own experience to prove that I understand what the individual(s) are going through.

What inspired you to pursue this passion and your current line of work?

What inspired me was my placement in the foster care system for thirteen years. I had workers who said that they understood how I felt about my situation, but without them going through the same thing I was, they could not fully understand how I was feeling.

When did you discover this passion?

I did not realize I had this passion until my senior year of high school (2015-2016 school year).

Have you held previous jobs that did not align with this passion?

Yes, I had previous jobs that did not align with my passion. Being a full-time student without a degree, it can be hard to find a flexible job to fulfill my passion. In the meantime, I have settled for fast food jobs and retail jobs. I also took up some babysitting and watching my niece at times.

What would be your advice to someone who wants to pursue this line of work?

My advice would be to be confident in your choice to pursue this line of work. From the classes I have taken so far and having witnessed social workers in the field, I know it is not an easy job. Sometimes you will have to go outside of your comfort zone to do the correct thing and you need to be prepared for that.

Is there anything else about your passion or career you would like to share with the reader?

I would like the reader to be sure this is the field they wish to pursue before getting too far because it will not be an easy career and it will push them to limits they may never have had to deal with before.


I always challenge students to choose the type of person they want to become. In this case, Amy knew she wanted to be the type of person who not only helped people but a specific group of people, foster children. She knew she wanted a career centered around a cause that was important to her.

An important takeaway from this interview is that Amy was not always working a job that aligned with her passion. As she told you, she worked several jobs until she arrived at where she is today. It is important to remember to never give up on your passion because you will eventually find it.

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Kyle Grappone is a Youth Motivational Speaker, Author of To The Next Step (Atmosphere Press), Student Success Coach, and Online Educational Teacher.

His goal is to inspire high school and college students to think differently about their education and be prepared for the real world that awaits them. He does this by challenging students to ask themselves, “What type of person do you want to become?”.
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About Kyle

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