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Kyle Grappone, Public Speaker and Book Author

To The Next Step

To The Next Step: An Instruction Manual for High School and College Students

To The Next Step is written by Youth Motivational Speaker, Kyle Grappone. This book is written specifically for high school and college students talks about the part of life that most students never see coming, The Real World.

After working nearly a decade in Corporate America, Kyle notices a thing or two about the majority of the people he was working with. He began to notice a disturbing trend of people who disliked their jobs, and worse, were dissatisfied with the type of person they had become and the life they were living.

After doing some research and surveying over 100 college graduates, he realized that the reason so many people seem miserable in their careers is that they were unprepared for the next steps in life. They did not know what the real world entails and therefore were left unprepared and ultimately, living a life they never intended on living.

This book is designed to fix this problem by preparing students for the next steps in their life. In this journey, Kyle explains what the real world is all about, how to prepare, surviving high school, selecting a college, making the most out of your college experience, graduating and more!

To The Next Step is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2019. Fill out the form below to be notified when it is available for order!