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“Type of Person” Interview Series with Brittany Maschal

Welcome back to the ‘What Type Of Person’ interview series where we speak with someone who discovered early on what type of person they wanted to become and then pursued a career that aligned with that person.

This week we are interviewing Brittany Maschal. Brittany has a great story that is right in line with a lot of what I speak about. She works every day to help students and making a positive impact on so many lives.

Please enjoy my interview with Brittany Maschal.

What is your current occupation?

College, Graduate School & Early Career Counselor at Brittany Maschal Consulting; Founder/Blogger/Editor of Strategy Girl

In your own words, what would you say is your “passion” as it relates to your career?

I am most passionate about helping people realize their goals, specifically as they relate to education (college or grad school) or career (internships or jobs).

What inspired you to pursue this passion and your current line of work?

In high school, my guidance counselor did not have much faith in me because I had a few disciplinary issues early in my HS career. He thought I should not look at colleges outside of NJ, and that, if anything, my state school would be the best and most appropriate path for me. Once I got to college, out of state, I excelled. I soon realized that had I listened to him I might not have ever found my “groove” academically and gained the confidence I needed to blaze my own path forward. I always had an interest in education, and in college, I was given the opportunity to take graduate level courses, and a professor helped me see that there were ways to be an educator other than being a classroom teacher, which appealed to me. I found myself an internship and applied to a masters program in education, but it was not until I was actually there and got a random work-study job in admissions and alongside fo that, a job as a volunteer college counselor, that my experience in high school came “full circle” and I discovered I felt a deep connection to helping others realize their educational goals. At that point, I made very strategic decisions about where I worked so I could gain a well-rounded experience in college and graduate school admissions. Eventually, this allowed me to start my own business, which is where I found my other passion: entrepreneurship!

When did you discover this passion?

In my first role as a volunteer college counselor (noted above) in University City. Today, my passion for helping others has carried over into my work with Strategy Girl, which is specifically focused on helping young women get strategic about (properly plan and network for) meeting their education, career, and wellness goals.

Have you held previous jobs that did not align with this passion?

No, not really, but I have worked for others whose missions, values, and ethics were not aligned with my own. However, all of the roles I have held—from part-time and volunteer roles to waiting tables and bartending—helped me get to where I am today, in some way. They have helped financing my dream of having my own company(‘s) early on or provided the foundational experiences needed to make it a reality. If there was anything I did right, it was be strategic about my experience even if just by way of how I frame them; everything counts.

What would be your advice to someone who wants to pursue this line of work?

Gain relevant experience and do not branch out on your own too soon. Work for and alongside reputable people in the field whose mission, values, and ethics align with your own. Get a mentor, or five, and pay it forward later by being a mentor to someone else. Network like your life depends on it but do it meaningfully; get to know people on a deeper level, don’t just collect contacts as that will not get you anywhere. And say thank you along the way to everyone who gives you their time, even if just five minutes. It goes a long way.

Is there anything else about your passion or career you would like to share with the reader?

I love connecting with people who have an interest in education, career planning, youth development, women’s empowerment/advocacy, and wellness. You can link with me via LinkedIn here or  Instagram here or here


I always challenge students to choose the type of person they want to become. Brittany has become the type of person who not only helps people but helps students and graduates create meaningful careers and impactful lives.

An important takeaway from this interview is that Brittany had a choice to make very early on in her life. Brittany could have believed what her guidance counselor was saying about her and gave up on her passions and goals. Instead, she got in touch with who she was and what she wanted to accomplish in life. She turned that negative experience into a tremendously positive one and now spends her time making sure students and graduates feel supported and empowered.

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